Enclosed Vehicle Transport

One should know the Cost & Benefits of Enclosed Vehicle Transport

JP Auto Transport provides customers with enclosed vehicle transportation to any destination in the United States.
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What is the difference between open and enclosed auto transport?

  • The most common car carrier that you see on the road is an open car carrier. Open car trailers are the most commonly used and available form of transportation for vehicles; this results in typically being the quickest form to get a vehicle transported from Point A to Point B. Vehicles transported on open car trailers are exposed to the open conditions of transporting a car across the country.
  • Enclosed car trailers are also known as covered or enclosed car shipping. An enclosed trailer uses hard side or soft side covers to protect a vehicle from any conditions the trailer may come across while in transit. This option can be 50%-100% more expensive than open car shipping.
  • Enclosed car shipping trailers are commonly used to transport exotic cars, classic cars and high value cars.

What are the benefits of enclosed auto transport?

  • The main benefit you get when you use covered or enclosed vehicle transportation is additional the protection provided by enclosed car shipping trailers.
  • Sometimes you will get the benefit of quickness while moving your vehicle your car on an enclosed car carrier. These trucks hold a limited amount of vehicle; therefore, there are fewer pickups and deliveries while your vehicle is in transit.

What are the advantages of enclosed auto transport?

  • The biggest advantage on an enclosed truck is that you will be less worried about road hazards.
  • Road hazards are objects or the things that fly off the road and hit your vehicle during transport.
  • Cargo insurance policies don’t cover these objects. Cargo insurance protects your vehicle in the event that the driver does something that leads to your vehicle being damaged.
  • You don’t have to be worried by transporting your vehicle on an enclosed car carrier. If your vehicle has a custom paint job, you should ship it on an enclosed car carrier.
  • Enclosed vehicle transport is mostly used for vehicles and has value over $50,000 as well as classic or antique cars. There are height restrictions with these types of trailers. Oversized vehicles can be difficult to move on these types of car haulers.

What is the difference between “Hard-side enclosed” and “Soft-side enclosed” auto transport?

  • A hard-side enclosed or covered trailer has real walls. Nothing can damage your vehicle. It protects your vehicle from rain, snow, hail and arrives in the same condition.
  • A soft-side enclosed trailer is an open trailer with a tarp on the sides. It will offer you protection, but not complete protection from road hazards.
  • JP auto transport only uses hard-side enclosed trailers when transporting your vehicle.

We offer both services for transporting your car and we ensure you that will be very happy with our services.

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